What are the Most Preferred Embroidery Types in Evening Dress?

  • Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Embroidery, which is one of the most important patterns in the art of Turkish machining, is believed to date from the 3rd century BC. It is embroidered on the clothes by using silvers, colorful yarns, silver threads. Embroidery, which also could be ornamented via various beads and sequins, has been one of the most significant dimensions in Turkish cultural heritage.

Embroidery not only is currently utilized in numerous clothes from Ottoman caftan to concubine dresses nowadays but also takes participation in evening dresses, which are inevitable for special days. Turkish, Antep and Chinese needlework are fundamental preferences over embroidery types of evening dresses.

Turkish Work

Turkish embroidery, reflecting the patterns inspired by nature, is one of the types ancestors left. Although it is generally used on linen clothes, Turkish embroidery types have been processed on lots of evening dresses nowadays. Turkish embroidery is occasionally surrounded by curves. Both it's reverse and its straight are the same. Darning, crewel embroidery, hesap is embroidery made are generally used among this type.

Antep Work

Antep embroidery is one of the most difficult machining types. Since each yarn is counted during this process. The width and height of the cloth are taken into account. While the pattern is being processed over the cloth, each part is counted. Hemstitch, spider hand embroidery, cigerdeldi, which is a type of embroidery by creating the holes along with badem hemstitching are fundamental types. In Antep's work, after stitching the pattern on the cloth, ornaments could be applied by beads and sequins.

Chinese Needlework

Chinese needlework means that The Chinese reflect some legendry and nature figures through their efforts to the yarns. Generally, it is colorful and magnificent, which is called Chinese Needlework with shade. In plain patterns, just only one colored silk is used. Yet, it is necessary to camouflage the parts of the needle as soon as possible due to the usage of many yarns. Those preferring Chinese needlework for evening dresses would love to see silvers on themselves. Silvers and Chinese needlework are supplementary elements. Particularly, those both preferring classic styles and standing firm to wear in stylish clothes could also apply for this type.

Lace Types

Lace is one of the most important embroidery types employing modern touches on evening dresses as Vintage style. This type has been keeping its popularity. Also, it is inevitable on evening dresses, wedding dresses, and other special dresses.

French Lace

French Lace, used over a bridal veil or evening dress, possesses elegant and slim cloth texture. It is also appropriate for strapless wedding dresses. This style seems elegant and noble. That’s why you can also use this to make ornaments on wedding dresses. To get more data about clothes with laces, you can also visit our article including: ‘’ Things to consider when choosing a lace wedding dress’’

Lez Lace

Lez Lace, which creates pretty elegance with its crystallized stitching, is stitched on thinner clothes. Especially, lez lace is applied on the transparent parts of evening dresses. Also, over the arm stitching, this type is frequently utilized.

Brode Lace

Brode Lace, also known as French Lace with embroidery, is stitched on the edges of evening dresses. It is applied to tulle clothes. Due to its being thinner, stitching must be applied carefully.

You can also prefer embroidery and lace patterns which make ornaments over your evening dresses or wedding dresses for your special days. If you like, you can contact Akspa Textile to choose the most appropriate place for you.

Journey of Lace

  • Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The first examples of lace, both knitted with yarns and dates back to 2000 BC, are needlework with a web view. Venice has played an important role in this handcraft dating back to ancient times.

Production of lace, beginning in the middle of the 16th Century, became a handicraft of women and started to attract much interest and acquired a well-known characteristic all around the world.

This fashion, which appeared in Venice, the sun of Italy, started to spread to all European countries before it was too late. Then, it has become a frequently used motif in homes and clothes. Lace, which started to attract much attention in France, also began to take attraction political leaders of the country. After that, the lace industry was founded by the states in a shorter time. France showed such a great effort to develop the lace that Venice became the main center of the lace. Such an act, in which creativity and craftsmanship are combined, showed itself as both French lace and French guipure.

Development of Turkish Lace

Turkey has a key position for the lace of journey. The inventor of lace is Turkish societies and it became bigger and bigger in Venice. It is claimed that it spread from Anatolian lands to Balkans and then to Europe. The fact that this art, which is known as ‘’oya’’ in our country, has no translations in the literature, which proves this information. Lace has not only been ornament art in Turkish society, but also has been an important part of culture along with even communication.

Anatolian Woman and Lace

Laces, which have been the parts of our dowries, clothes, and tables, have been the most immense activities for Anatolian women for centuries. Lace has become a tool not only for reflection of their life stories but also the reflection of beliefs, feelings, love, and hope. Anatolian women converted the lace to a communication channel and created a language among themselves by loading a meaning to the motifs and patterns.

Laces and Meanings

Candy pink: feelings of joy and happiness

Green: Happiness because of marriage

Purple Hyacinth: Depiction of love

White Hyacinth: Loyalty

Yellow Hyacinth Agony and sadness are symbolized.

Anatolian women did not only add meaning to colors but also attributed various meanings to the motifs. Relying on the relationships between bride and mother-in-law, which has also been an issue of literature, the motif, created by women who frustrated with her mother-in-law, was called as ‘’mother-in-law- tongue’’ (kaynana dili). The woman who cannot get on well with her husband used the peppers on the motifs in lace embroidery. Provided that she had more troubles, she had continued to utilize more red yarns in her work.

Nowadays and Lace

Lace has generated a culture from past to now, and have become a communication tool that connects with people. It has not only become a part of the dowry but also has become a part of modern accessories. To get more information about these trend patterns with vintage style, please visit our article including ‘’How Can Lace Be Used In Home Decoration?’’

Apart from these, lace patterns became an important part of clothes, from underwear to evening dresses; from children’s dresses to wedding dresses. Nowadays, lace varieties among assertive collections of brands are keeping up to maintain the importance with high demands.

Catch up with the trends via Akspa Textile, both becoming the symbol of Turkish Lace Embroidery and including the collections of world-famous brands with its huge model network.

The things to pay attention to by choosing a wedding dress with lace

  • Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Wedding Dresses, which ornament the dreams of young women, seem stylish and fashionable accompanied by lace. Types of lace to use for each model also differ from each other. The type of lace also changes regarding the ways of fabric and usage of place on the lace.

Lace, which is an inevitable part of wedding dresses, is chosen by almost every bride. Lace not only depicts the wedding dresses more intensely but also assists your face to been vivid. Lace types preferred in white and broken white colors can be stitched accompanied by silvers and sequins, which has created a much more elegant appearance.

Alright, which type of lace should be used for what model? Here is the answer…

What should you pay attention to when you choose a lace in a wedding dress?

It is important to choose the lace as flexible. The advantage of moving comfortably during the day will make your night more entertaining.

You should pay attention to the quality of the lace. Or else, you could come across tears on wedding dresses.

Using lace in your wedding dress requires you to prefer lace in veils, too. Since harmony between wedding dress and veil is extremely important for bridal combinations.

To reflect the vintage style of wedding dress, determine your accessories and hairstyle regarding your wedding dress.

Lace for Classic Model Wedding Dresses

In Classic wedding dresses, lace creates an excellent pattern and emphasizes your wedding dress. Generally, French guipure is preferred for the laces that are utilized on the chest, back, and edges of skirts. Classical model wedding dresses have a plain design. That’s why, sequins and sparkles could be applied, too. It is ideal to create a different aura over wedding dresses.

Trumpet Wedding Dress

Trumpet wedding dresses, which show the bodies vividly, are the most preferred wedding dresses for women who have confidence. In this wedding dress model, lace can be used on satin fabric as well as lace can be preferred on the tail part of the wedding dress. Lez lace is much appropriate for trumpet model wedding dress. Its slim form assists your body to seem thinner.

Lace for Princess Model Wedding Dresses

Princess Model Wedding Dresses is one of the fundamental bridal dresses that do not lose value. Cordon lace is used on the top or skirt part. And also, this model seems stylish accompanied by laces. This lace, having a delicate texture, is more appropriate for country weddings. Likewise, you could get that magnificent appearance with your wedding dress accompanied by a cordon lace veil.

Lace for Hellenistic Style Wedding Dresses

Hellenistic Wedding Dresses are both known as Greek Style wedding dresses and known imperial style wedding dresses. Although it is not preferred frequently, it is chosen by the people who either accept a bohemian style or have a different appearance. In this model, lace could be preferred in each place as well as belts and arms. Brode laces could be applied if it is used only on the belt and arms. Yet, if lace is to be used in the whole wedding dress, French guipure is much more suitable. Due to the possession of fine texture, it is not more suitable to be preferred in the whole dress.

You could also discover lace wedding dresses both to make the most special night of your life unforgettable and to attract attention over you with your elegance. We wish you happiness now!

How can lace be used at Home Decoration?

  • Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Lace, which has been seen as ‘’fashion of past’’, is favorite among those who love Vintage Design. Laces, which were used in many targets from the 16th century to the 19th, have still been used from clothing to curtains; from covers to towels. However, those, who would like to keep up with the current fashion, modernize new styles of usage. Here are the decoration ideas where you can utilize lace in a modern way, which brings a great classic wave everywhere.

Flower Pot Decorations

Cactus and succulents along with arrangements called terrarium, which has been preferred owing to their popularity, are fundamental plant types. These plant varieties, possessing different shapes and flowers, depict themselves better in design pots. Besides terrariums, pottery and ceramic pots are also very popular. Yet, you can ornament them with acrylic paints or with lace or guipure models that are at your home rather than using them with solid colors. These lace flower pot designs, attributed by a great style, are the best selling ones abroad. You can decorate your home with flower pots that you can ornament quite plainly.

Lampshade Design

Lampshades, which are inevitable parts of our houses, become one of the most significant design devices reflecting bohemian style accompanied by lace. As the light inside the lace reflected on the wall and danced amazingly, you could go on enjoying under dim light. You can use the designs handled by laces that are mixed in ecru and white tones.

illow Cushion

Pillow cushions, which are supplementary to sofas, transform into wonderful decoration samples when used both with contrast colors of the room and in excessive usage. Decorate your rooms either in modern styles or in Vintage styles. In any case, you could decorate your rooms with different pillow models. Nevertheless, you should choose lace embroidered cushions if you wish a bit more different style. Despite the lack of deficient areas, you can catch the bohemian touches in your living room via laces keeping their trends.


Nowadays, as wall accessories have dramatically become a trend, lace embroidered dreamcatchers used with tree designs are also extremely fashionable! Dream catchers, which are also used as headboards in the bedroom, could be created with vintage style accompanied by lace embroidery to use in the gardens and living rooms. You can wrap it all around with light. And you can either use it to light up at night or use şt as a door ornament by designing it via feathers along with beads.

Lace Trim in Frames

Canvas paintings, metal wall panels… Wall paintings have become a part of every home, are among the accessories widely-used in home decorations with various models and textures. Yet, if you don’t find what you look for despite hundreds of models, you can apply for the laces left from your grannies, maybe dowry, maybe from lace you like but you haven’t had the opportunity to use. You can carry these stylish and pretty frames to the corner of your room. Elegance doesn’t mean to offend eyes, yet it means to be remembered forever. For the sake of the laces, we never forget since our grannies created…